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The Sovereign Human Show Episode 18 – Censorship vs Authenticity – with Co-Host Cherish Rothwell

Episode 18 – Censorship Vs authenticity


In this episode i’m joined by Cherish Rothwell as my co-host to discuss Censorship, social justice and political correctness…all in the hope that we may come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be sovereign and to speak what we know to be true for us.

In truth i found this episode a challenge. This is something that is very live in my life right now – feeling called to really speak out and share certain views, ideas, perspectives that will not be well received by some…and i feel a part of me cowering in fear as i contemplate really sharing from a pure and unbounded place of true sovereignty.

So i share this episode inviting you to let me know any moments you felt my inner tension, or wondered if i was genuinely speaking my truth.

To you truth. xx

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