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The Sovereign Human Show Episode 8 – Unwrap The Rap Vol. 1 – Altered States & Altered Traits, Life Purpose and The Great Game

Unwrap The Rap Vol. 1 – Divine Logic


In this brand new episode format I take you between the lines and behind the lyrics of one of my pieces of rap/performance poetry.

The artform of rhyme is one of my deepest passions and, without question, sharing it is one of the reasons i am on this planet. I find that my poetry is prophetic at times and is a way for me to enter a flow state from which to share inspiration, education and transformation.

In this first volume of Unwrap The Wrap, I am unwrapping the lyrics of Divine Logic, which is a piece that explores the depth of why i am here on this planet and why i feel called to create, share and perform…it also invites you to be the greatest version of yourself.

Oh…and there’s also a powerful story about the time i failed to spot the fact that Ed Sheeran was Ed Sheeran – despite the fact he was sleeping on my sofa.

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