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The Sovereign Human Episode 9 – Claim Your T.H.R.O.N.E. – Mastering Public Speaking and Sharing the Essence of Personal Sovereignty

Claim Your T.H.R.O.N.E.


In this episode I am seeking your feedback. I believe entrepreneurship is a real force for personal sovereignty…and I am step by step beginning to tread an entrepreneurial path once again.

One of my offerings is inspirational speaking…and I wouldn’t be very coherent if I wasn’t trying to share a message around sovereignty. This, however, is something of a challenge…as typically personal sovereignty requires some kind of initiation and likely some use of the body.

With that being said…the message must be shared if we’re to create the shift required as a planet…so this episode is my first attempt at creating a 60min signature talk that, I hope, introduces people to the fundamentals of personal sovereignty via the acronym T.H.R.O.N.E.

Do let me know your thoughts and feedback – Connect(at)

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